Bodrum BD238A Rug - Bodrum BD238A 200 x 290

Bodrum BD238A Rug - Bodrum BD238A 200 x 290

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2EZ Furniture Ireland

Elevate Your Space with this beautiful Rug!

This Rug is a mesmerizing masterpiece of vivid colors and intricate patterns, enriching your living space with timeless elegance.

Crafted with precision, this traditional rug features a stunning pattern that exudes sophistication and artistry.

Made from high-quality 100% polypropylene with a 6 mm pile height, it balances plushness and practicality, enhancing any room.

This rug is a statement piece, breathing vitality into your space with its vibrant colors and elegant design, seamlessly integrating into various decor styles.

Choose this rug to transform your room into a gallery of beauty and make a style statement that resonates with your appreciation for art.

  • Vibrant colors and intricate patterns
  • High-quality 100% polypropylene material
  • 6 mm pile height
  • Timeless and elegant design
  • Seamless integration with decor styles

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